Open Kitchen Design, What To Know!

open kitchen design

Open Kitchen Design, What To Know!

open kitchen

“If You Don’t Let Me Gut This Kitchen I’ll Go Crazy and Take You With Me!”

There is something about owning your own home.  Whether it’s a small bungalow in the suburbs or a full-scale mansion, sooner or later we all find things we want to change about our castle.  It is merely a testament to just how important our dwellings are.  But what is the motivation behind this constant need to change and improve?

There are many reasons one chooses to get ambitious with their Kitchen, bathroom or general home design.  Many remodel as a way of improving the value of their home.  Others find that after purchasing a previously owned home, they need to make changes that suit their personal taste, to make it more like their own home.  Some purposely purchase antiquated or run down properties for the sole purpose of renovating and thus capturing the windfall of sweat equity.  Regardless of why we remodel the fact is that we do and we love it.

There are a few things to consider before you start swinging that sledge hammer. Of course, the principles we talk about here can apply to any remodel adventure, but for purposes of our discussion, we will assume it’s a kitchen remodeling project.

Open Kitchen or Cozy Galley Style Design

open kitchen

Through the years, we have seen many fashions trends come and go.  Trends are what keep things new and modern.  We care about trends because home and property values are determined by the trendsetters.  So what will be the hot trends for 2017?  Who knows?  If 2016 is any indication, we should see a move toward more streamlined and simple kitchen designs.

Built-In Appliances Create a More Open Kitchen Feel

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey of 18 to 35 year old adults, low maintenance made the list of their most desirable home features.  Built in appliances not only look sleek and clean they free up valuable kitchen space.  Even smaller kitchen areas can seem larger simply by changing the appliance design.

Open Kitchen

That Wall Has Got to Go!

open Kitchen

The new trend is toward open kitchen floorplans.  We all remember the crazy color fads of the ‘70s.

How we loved our olive-green appliances.  The U shaped kitchen design or the galley style were all the rage and most of the homes built during that period employed these types of kitchens.  The good news is that old kitchen designs like these can be transformed into wonderful open kitchen spaces that invite social interaction and are perfect for entertaining.  Sometimes simply taking out a wall and adding a few other changes can create the dream kitchen.

While demolishing a wall can be an amazing way to relieve stress, it might not be the best approach for your kitchen project.  Before removing any walls, it is important to talk with an expert building contractor.  Some things to be aware of are:

bullitIs the wall a load bearing wall? If so, removing without a support strategy could prove disastrous.

bullitAre there major electrical conduits or plumbing pipes running through the wall? Trust me, bursting a water line is not in your best interests during a remodel.

bullitWhat does your local building codes say about the wall removal? You may think it doesn’t matter, but doing it without proper code adherence could cost a lot more than you think.

Newsflash! Grey is the New Trend

open kitchen

Another way to achieve that open kitchen look and feel is through the color scheme.  The kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers say that while white cabinets continue to be tops, gray is the shade they’re betting on to break white’s top spot. Light colors tend to promote a more open feel to any space and kitchens are no exception.

While it may seem counter intuitive to the “make it your own” philosophy, unless you plan on staying in the home until you die, there is wisdom in these color selections, especially if you plan to sell your home and are looking for the broad buyer appeal.  It is always better to use muted tones as opposed to flamboyant colors.

When In Doubt, Ask A Professional

Home Remodeling contractor

Kitchen Remodel projects can be, to say the least, complicated.  If you are a dyed in the wool do it yourselfer, then we wish you the best of luck.  For the rest of us, it might just be a smart idea to hire a professional to tackle that new remodel.  Hiring a licensed contractor insures that:

open kitchen designThe job will get done right

open kitchen designYou’ll have protection if something goes wrong

open kitchen designYour new remodel will comply with all local codes and building requirements

open kitchen designGive you the best chance of having the remodel result of your dreams.

home remodeling

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