New Flooring Materials

New flooring materials are an investment; an integral part of your home design.  Your choice of material determines the utilization, difficulty of installation, and level of maintenance you need to perform, down the road.

It is important to stay up to date with new products that are currently on the rise in the world of flooring. Take a look at new emerging flooring design trends to inspire you to bring a new look to your home.  To help you we have provided this quick look into some of the more popular styles and materials available.

Laminate Floor Tiles

LAMINATE FLOORING has become one of the most popular new flooring materials in the industry due to its affordability, ease of installation, and durability.  It requires very little maintenance with high resistance to scratchnew flooring materialses, staining, and fading. If you are looking for flooring that can stand up to the demands of a busy household, while simultaneously providing an affordable price and good looks, Laminate is the best choice for you.
It resembles other flooring materials at a fraction of the cost.

Laminate is the most DIY- friendly material.  With the introduction of snap together installation, it is an excellent choice for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

However, it is not the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to its susceptibility to moisture damage. Quality laminate flooring may last more than 20 years, but can’t be refinished and needs to be replaced completely if it starts showing age. Be cautious in purchasing off brands as inferior product’s top layer may peel off.

Laminate has a wide range of colors and designs available from brands such as Floorcraft and Mannington.  Some of the latest trends are:

new flooring materials

Gloss Laminate 

new flooring materials

Distressed Laminate 

new flooring materials

Hand Scraped Laminate 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

is quickly gaining popularity, as a new flooring materials option, because of its stability, versatility, and moisture tolerance. It is made from pile of wood materials cross-layered, glued, and press together with the top layer as premium hard wood thus making it more stable, with less shrinkage and expansion due new flooring materialsto environmental issues like humidity and temperature change.

Using an engineered wood floor allows you to have a wood floor on any grade level. It can be glued directly to a dry concrete or nailed down over a wood subfloor. The available range of width and thickness are applied with good transitions between different flooring materials. Professional installation is recommended, but can be a do-it-yourself project with standard tool knowledge.

With engineered wood flooring, you get what you pay for. It is less expensive than solid wood floor, though difficult to distinguish from it. The thick top layer can be refinished multiple times. Like anything else you purchase, there can be big difference in quality, so it’s better to purchase hardwood flooring from leading brands like Armstrong or Anderson.

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

VINYL FAUX WOOD PLANK FLOORING is the most economical of the new flooring materials, and it is the easiest to install. Now, it replicates the look of pricier material like wood with the fraction of a cost. It is durable, easy to clean, water resistant (great for bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms), and comfortable under foot.new flooring materials

Installation of a vinyl is a breeze for an inexperienced home handyman; usually with a “peel and stick” application thus eliminates the expense of hiring a pro.

Like other flooring materials, it has a downside which is durability. It is susceptible to scratches, scrapes, and tears no matter how thick of a vinyl you purchase and is difficult to repair. It has shorter life span compared with other flooring materials. It can dent, curl, or fade over time that begins to show after 5 years or so.

The main advantage of vinyl is the price. It is one of the most inexpensive flooring options in the market that comes with sophisticated range of designs and finishes you can choose from brands such as Purstone, and Core Elements.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

CERAMIC TILE FLOORING remains the best versatile new flooring materials option for your home. With endless selections of colors, textures, and shapes; it creates the look that suits you best. It is durable, non-porous, and easy to clean. If you are designing or remodeling your bathroom, for example, Ceramic tile will add beauty and durability like no other flooring material.  

It is more difficult to install than some other flooring materials. It can chip and scratch under heavy use, so you’ll probably want to hire a professional tile installer.

new flooring materialsOver time, grout needs periodic sealing and special cleaning to keep stains at bay. It can crack but unlike other flooring systems, you can replace individual tiles instead of an entire floor if any of your tiles gets seriously damaged. With the right maintenance and care, ceramic tiles can last up to 20-30 years or longer.

Ceramic tile is one of the most affordable flooring choices with huge variety of low-priced options. Choose from brands like Daltile, Homecraft and American Olean.

Ceramic Wood Plank Flooring

CERAMIC FAUX WOOD PLANK FLOORING is one of the biggest trends in home décor and flooring industry today. It is tile durability with the warmth of wood. Buying a wood tile is an alternative on searching for perfect wood new flooring materialsflooring that hard wood can’t offer like the availability of different widths and dimensions, and affordability. Ceramic Tile products are designed to focus on performance and durability. Perfect for any room, residential or commercial.

Like any other tile flooring, installation is done by a professional. With right maintenance, the tile can last many decades. You should consider putting new sealer every 3-5 years to keep moisture from seeping into the tile or the grout.

With the great affordable options of sizes and widths means there are more budget ranges available. Daltile offer products that come in a variety of colors, each carefully chosen to mimic the hues of real wood.

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