Fix The Bricks Program

fix the bricks program A Disaster Preparedness Program from The Salt Lake City Emergency Management Department.

fix the bricks

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We fully support the Salt Lake “Fix The Bricks Program”, and feel it is an important step that every homeowner along the Wasatch Front should take action on.  We have known about the potential earthquake disaster forecasted for Utah for years.  It is not a question of if, but when.  It is no secret that the Salt Lake City valley was once a lake bed formed by the ancient Bonneville lake.  Homes and businesses built on that foundation are subject to the worst possible destruction due to the soft instability of the lake bed layers.

fix the bricks program lake bonneville It is estimated that the ancient lake covered almost half of the state of Utah in its day.  It provided necessary water for jurassic life for years until some cataclysmic event altered the water flows and the lake disappeared over the years.  Now, all that remains is the lake bed, which is home to countless homes and businesses all along the Wasatch Front.  In the case of an earthquake, homes and businesses would be subject to tremendous movement forces, much like a house built on a foundation of jello.  Now, more than ever, it is essential to bolster your home and do all you can to protect it from these disastrous forces.  This is what the “Fix The Bricks Program” is all about.

What The Program Can Do For You

The Salt Lake City Emergency Management Department offers amazing help and information to get you started.  For Example,  They offer a handy Structural Safety Quiz that will help you to know how well your home is equipped to handle a major earthquake scenario.  In addition, they also offer helpful videos like the one below:

Other Important Resources

Here are some other valuable resources, where you can gain information and facts about the importance of earthquake retrofitting your home or business.

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