Bathroom Decor Ideas – From Outhouse to Outrageous

bathroom decor

Bathroom Decor Ideas – From Outhouse to Outrageous

The Not So Good Old Days

When it comes to bathroom decor ideas, it is amazing how far we have come as a society.  I still remember stories told to me by grandpa.  How he would trudge through twenty feet of snow uphill, just to use the Wooden Great Hall, a.k.a. the Lonely Throne.

A cold shudder shoots through me as I picture myself planting my bare posterior on that ancient thunder bucket.  How grateful I am that we no longer have to endure such hardships.  That got me thinking, when did the first indoor plumbing happen? Thankfully, the answer was only a few clicks of the keyboard away.

Isaiah Rogers, Father Of Modern Plumbing & Bathroom Decor

Evidently, it was a brash and forward thinking architect by the name of Isaiah Rogers who finally brought civilization into the new era of luxury.  (Well, to be fair, early European castles offered porcelain palaces that emptied out and down the sides of the castle wall, but that really isn’t indoor plumbing now, is it?)

Indeed, the year was 1890 and the country was really beginning to come of age.  Fashion and style were all the rage and so it was in the upscale areas of Boston Massachusetts.  The Name of the establishment was Boston’s Tremont House, bathroom decorlocated next to the posh financial district on the south side of Boston proper, just west of the Boston Harbor.  It boasted the world’s first indoor plumbing amenities, and it was all the brain child of architect Isaiah Rodgers.  (History of Plumbing Timeline, courtesy of The

Today’s Modern Bathroom Decor

From that time to now, we have had an ongoing obsession with our bathrooms and our bathroom decor.  In many cases, they are much more than mere stations of planned hygiene.  They are monuments to who we are, or at least that’s what some would have you believe.  Regardless, there is no doubt that a modern upgraded bathroom can elevate the value of your home significantly.

Whether it’s the second add on guest bath or the full-blown master bathroom extravaganza, the fact remains; if you neglect it your home will suffer.  So then,  what are some of the options that will set your humble water closet apart from the rest?

Edgeless Shower Glass

One thing you can add that will accent the beauty of your bathroom and give it an elegant feel is an edgeless glass shower enclosure.

If you are not a fan of the clear, for all to see, glass idea, you can achieve the same look with a frosted glass or a glass etched design.  The overall effect is amazingly clean and modern.  Just the thing to set your new bathroom remodel apart from the dreary throng.  There are a plethora of styles and designs to choose from and we can help you choose just the right one for your personal taste and style.

Add a Free Standing Tub

If you have a flair for the nostalgic, why not add a free-standing tub to your design?  These fixtures add an elegance and charm that harkens back to an earlier time, when folks had time to bathe and relax. It doesn’t have to look like your grandmother’s old tub either.  Todays styles are bold and innovative as in this example:

However, if you are shooting for that retro look, you might want to go with a fixture that exudes the old world charm of the past:

Whatever your style,  Sierra Home Services can create it and provide you with the bathroom of your dreams.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Though often overlooked, your new bathroom remodel can truly inspire with the right flooring choices.  There are many styles to choose from.  For example, perhaps you are looking for a rustic look.

Real stone tile conveys a certain look and feel that you just can’t get with any other flooring material.  It’s rugged feel and texture appeal to many who enjoy the back to basics look.   Cleaning is a breeze with this type of flooring as well, and in the final analysis, that has to be a major consideration.

Perhaps your personal tastes lean more toward a more European flavor. Travertine tile can provide a stunning Celtic feel that will impress and awe. If so, the example below might be more to your liking.

Whatever the look you desire, Sierra Home Services can provide the bathroom decor to fulfill your complete bathroom remodeling dreams.

Wall Mounted Commodes & Sinks

Today’s hectic lifestyle means that the modern family has less and less time to spend cleaning bathrooms.  As you plan your new remodel, consider the ergonomic aspects of your bathroom decor.  Will it clean easily?  Is it functional.  Wall mounted Commodes and Sinks reduce substantially the nooks and crannies where dirt can collect.

Regardless of the style you choose, we can create a wonderful bathroom area that will be enjoyable for your family and for guests as well.

Important Questions to Consider

Before beginning any home remodeling venture it is always wise to consider three fundamental questions.  The answer to these queries will help you focus in on what it is you really want and need in your new home remodeling project.

open kitchen design

Will the design be ergonomic and represent the look and feel you are striving to achieve?

open kitchen designWill my new remodel design still add value to my home and be desirable to prospective new home buyers? (Unless you are planning to die in your home, it is wise to consider this question carefully)

open kitchen design

Is the cost of the new upgrade commensurate with the value I plan to receive?

When you are ready to begin, remember to always get professional help, at least in the planning stages.  Using a licensed and bonded contractor should be a must on the to do list.  Taking a chance on a non-licensed handyman or builder could cost you far more than just an unsatisfactory end product.  Don’t compromise your dreams to save a few bucks.  Licensed Contractors are not as expensive as you might believe and they more than make up for any price differences by providing a finished remodel that you can be proud of.  Do it right and sleep at night.  We are Sierra Home Services wishing you the best of luck in all your home remodeling projects.

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